About Us

About Us

Soft Flow is an R&D company with strong background in flow cytometry assay development and providing software solutions for analytical cytology. We are focusing on the cytometric bead array technology in various fields of drug discovery, human and veterinary diagnostics and food/feed safety analysis.

Our company’s principle activity includes research and development of methods employing biophysics, integration database programs to provide tools for biotechnology. In addition, the company is engaged in clinical diagnostics, immunological tests and food safety product development and production for both European and USA market.

Soft Flow is operating an International Distribution Network as well, in cooperation with American and Czech partners, with wide range of products.

One of the main objectives of the new Distribution Network is the principle of the„ONE-STOP-SHOP”, enabling us to serve our clients with wide range of excellent quality products, competitive prices, Soft Flow’s high-level professional background and all this in one place.

In the center of the new Distribution Network we are putting great focus on Soft Flow’s own products, which are marketed under our new Brand called Soft Flow Biosciences.

Our product portfolio covers:

  •          Monoclonal antibodies
  •          Immunological reagents and kits
  •          Microbead based kits (PlexCap Array)
  •          Immunohistochemistry Reagents
  •          Plastic Labware
  •          Sotwares and devices
  •          Reagents and kits for Food Analysis and Safety


Soft Flow – Quality, Experience, Dependability

Soft Flow Hungary Ltd., located in Pecs, Hungary, is a leading Hungarian software developer company providing innovative flow cytometry software products. Soft Flow offers sophisticated programs for processing cytometric bead array data.


Corporate Commitment

At Soft Flow, we are committed to serving the scientific community by providing the power of bioinformatics to develop new research technologies, diagnostic products, and drugs.


Soft Flow is singularly focused on meeting the expectations of our customers, including universities, elite research institutions, as well as the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. As a company founded and lead by researchers, we understand fully the importance of the quality of our products to your basic research, high-throughput screening and drug discovery. Soft Flow’s full commitment to quality is exemplified by our ISO 9001:2009 certification. All software products are developed according to strict ISO and GMP/GLP guidelines and are accompanied with certificates of analysis.


The programmer’s team at Soft Flow is staffed by leading experts in the fields of flow cytometry data processing. Their expertise in respective fields translates to the development of innovative software products for cutting-edge research.


Complementing our full commitment to product quality, Soft Flow provides world-class customer support from both Hungary and the USA. Our professional customer support staff is always ready to answer your technical inquiries and questions with personalized, attentive care. Whatever your need is, you can always depend on us to assist you in a prompt and professional manner.